About Us

Kid’s Kingdom is a private early childhood development center specializing in early childhood development. We also offer enrichment programs and private royal birthday parties!  My name is Stacie Scollo, director and owner of Kid’s Kingdom.  I created Kid’s Kingdom in 1994 because I wanted young children to have a place to go that made them feel very safe, special, happy and capable of achieving great things.  I am so proud to state I have achieved my goal.  We are now CELEBRATING 24 YEARS!

Our Mission

My entire staff and I are dedicated to providing opportunities that allow children to maximize their full learning potential while continuously strengthening their sense of self.


Our “Kingdom”
Our “Kingdom for Kids” is simply a HAPPY place to be.  Our bright, nurturing and very child friendly environment allows for optimum growth and success. Each classroom is equipped with the tools they need to build and expand their abilities. Children are encouraged to think independently, express ideas and learn through experiences.

We also offer a unique indoor playground called the “Kingdom”.  This incredible space is equipped with a jungle gym, slides, tunnels, life size building blocks, and a pirate ship. Wowza! This amazing space is used every day providing continuous physical benefits. Our children stay active and healthy while strengthening muscles and coordination skills.
Our outdoor playground is readily available for us to enjoy when weather permits.

Our Parties

Our Kingdom is also ideal for hosting Private Royal Birthday Parties!  Where else can your child truly become the Prince or Princess for the day with a life size castle to play in and a real throne to sit in?  Our parties are absolutely a royal affair for everyone!  Check out our Birthday Party page for information. 🙂